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Value 3 Items


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Fast Strike, is an easy-to-use product, providing significant distance between you and an intruder, can be deployed quickly, can be concealed, and is efficient and ready when needed. FAST STRIKE can be used effectively by anyone with just a flick of the arm or wrist.

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FAST STRIKE is easy to hide and carry inside clothing, bags or backpacks, and can also be attached to items such as straps or belts. FAST STRIKE deploys in a fraction of a second and is always ready to go.

The incredible top speed and a small cross section of the hitting end concentrate all the energy of the hitting on a small area of the intruder. For close situations, the rear end of the FAST STRIKE grip is reinforced and provides a great additional use option.

This product is preferred by tactical groups, law enforcement, martial arts trainers, and civilians.